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Mom's Indulgence Set

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2x MarryMi Collagen Honey 10gm x 15 sachets

1x Sorbon Mini Cone – Rainbow 350gm

1x Sew x Dignity Japanese Bag (29cm x 36cm) – worn around the wrist

MarryMi Collagen Honey (The best natural ingredients for Anti- aging)

Is 100% Natural Pure Honey with high quality hydrolayzed collagen peptide – marine collagen from Tilapia

& Snapper fish scale.


-Strengthen hair and nails
-Provide strong metabolism
-High Antioxidant
-Improve body immune system
-Boost Energy and reduce muscle fatigue
-Regulate blood sugar
-For more elastic, firm and moisturized skin
-Improve digestion and weight management
- Good for joint health

Sorbon Mini Cone

These individually packed mini waffle cones are filled with chocolates, topped with different flavours. Ranging from peanut, sohan, mint, coconut, dark almond, popping candy and all time favourite hazelnut & coffee. If you can't decide and want them all, have a go with the Rainbow, all 8 flavours in 1 box.

Not only they taste good, they look good too!

Each variant comes in a presentable gift box which is perfect to be given as a gift or simply just enjoy as a snack.

Product information:

From Iran

Individual variant weights 200gm

Rainbow weights 350gm


Filling: Sugar, Cocoa butter substitute, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter replacer, lecithin (E322), vanillin, water.

FlavoringSohan, peanut, popping candy, almond, coconut, hazelnut, coffee powder, mint Flavoring.

Wafer: Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, sodium bicarbonate, salt, lecithin (E322), vanillin

Contains (allergenic)

Wheat flour, milk powder, whey, soy & gluten

Japanese Bag (worn at the wrist)
 * Image below for illustration purpose only 

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