SAN-AIR's goal is to provide 24/7 Air Disinfection with 100% Natural Ingredients from 100% natural plant actives that can kill airborne viruses. SAN-AIR is a biostat, the neutralisation process is safer because it DOES NOT cause any release of mycotoxins from the germs during the process. 

San-AIR causes bacteria and viruses to STOP reproducing and mould to STOP breathing. It restricts bacteria and viruses' oxygen intake, preventing it from growing and reproducing. 

The gel has been shown through controlled studies, to come into contact with 55% of airborne particles every hour, killing any bacteria or mould. Continuous use of the gel will reduce 99% of the airborne microbial. The result is microbiologically safe air for people to breathe in an indoor air environment. 

Research and development is ongoing at SAN-AIR, with recent success for a new V3R product range certified by TGA as the first air cleaning product works by airborne and 100% FOOD GRADE Standard.

SAN-AIR is an Australian company and we use natural, sustainable, high quality Australian ingredients to produce our products. Manufacturing of SAN-AIR products happens in Australia. This is how we ensure that we deliver a quality product every time. 

SAN-AIR Microbial Control Technology

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